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BetterBio for More Meaningful Science Journalism

 :: Posted by avi_wener on 01-05-2011

If you are interested in meaningful, accessible news about biotechnology and its impact on our lives without all the hype that is usually associated with tabloid journalism be sure to watch the video below and show your support for BetterBio. According to BetterBio founder Khadijah Britton, the reality of every day science does not usually involve earth-shattering breakthroughs or setbacks as is often reported in the popular media, but it does involve a more complicated set of circumstances with small steps forward and (hopefully) few steps back.

Like Khadijah, I too am disappointed with the way science is portrayed in the media and I would love to see meaningful, accessible news that presents the reality of biotechnological progress to a diverse public audience. I believe that most members of the scientific community share my sentiments and I encourage you to show your support.

Better Bio’s Promise from Better Bio on Vimeo.