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Real Time Quantitative PCR Software Tutorial

 :: Posted by avi_wener on 01-04-2011

If you are a user or potential users of Bio-Rad’s CFX or MiniOpticon systems be sure to see the message below and the accompanying real time quantitative PCR software tutorial from Bio-Rad’s Sean Taylor, Field Applications Specialist.

I am pleased to provide our recently upgraded version of CFX Manager. Version 2.0 has significant improvements and new tools from the last version 1.6 of the software. I recently did a little test drive and have recorded a 25-minute training video to help you navigate around the new features. Some key highlights include:

1. Scheduling module so that you can schedule your time on the instrument. A great tool for a multi-user instrument.
2. Master Mix Calculator…Just type in your primer concentrations and you get the volumes required for your experiment. No more thinking and more importantly…no more mistakes in volume conversions!
3. Copy and paste wells in the plate editor. I am personally very pleased with this feature.
4. Much easier access to the data you need and very nice and new data view and data export features.

The link to the video is here:
video link

The specifications for the software can be found here:
software specifications

To access the upgrade, you can go to:

Click on “Downloads” and you will find:

A. The CFX96 and CFX384 Real-Time PCR Detection Systems Firmware Update.

B. The upgrade patch for CFX Manager 2.0.

C. Precision Melt Analysis™ v1.1 Software Upgrade (This is only required for those who are using Version 1.0 of Precision Melt Analysis Software).

Important: The firmware update comes with detailed instructions that are easy to follow but do not hesitate to call tech support (1-800-4Bio-Rad) if you have any questions about the procedure.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish you and your families health and happiness in 2011!

Sean Taylor
Field Application Specialist
Bio-Rad Laboratories

Click here for other technical resources from Sean including his video entitled “A Practical Approach to MIQE for the Bench Scientist,” A Practical Guide to High Resolution Melt Analysis Genotyping, and the article A Simple Solution to Chromatography for High-Purity Protein Preparations: The Modular Approach