EpiQ Chromatin Analysis Kit: Most Innovative New Product Finalist

Epigenetic changes, such as DNA methylation and histone modification, control gene expression by altering chromatin structure. Bio-Rad’s EpiQ kit was recognized at the European Lab Automation conference in Hamburg, Germany, as one of this year’s most innovative new products for its ability to quantify chromatin state and correlate the impact of these epigenetic events on gene expression.

Previously, the only way to quantitatively assess chromatin structure was through the use of homebrew methods that required isolating nuclei from several million cells and took several days to complete. The EpiQ kit is the first commercial tool that can determine the chromatin structure of a few targeted gene regions within six hours of cell harvest. It can work with as few as 50,000 cultured cells from a simple real-time PCR assay.

To learn more visit www.bio-rad.com/epiq.

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