Quantifying a panel of angiogenic targets in microliters of sample

Angiogenesis is a fundamental process required for multiple physiological and pathological events. It is also a hallmark of over 50 different disease states, including cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and psoriasis. Methods developed to study these diseases are important tools for testing potential therapeutics. These methods include both in vivo and in vitro assays. In vivo assays are considered the most informative because of the complex nature of vascular responses to test reagents. However these assays are often costly and laborious. In contrast, in vitro assays can be carried out expeditiously, are less expensive, and are easier to interpret. Often, these in vitro assays provide maximum benefits when developed as multivariate index assays where the data of multiple assays yield a composite profile of clinically relevant protein biomarkers.

Bio-Rad has developed a multiplex Bio-Plex Pro human cancer biomarker panel that measures angiogenesis biomarker in diverse matrices including serum, plasma, cell culture supernatant and many other sample types. Using this assay, it is possible to quantify multiple angiogenesis targets n a single well of a 96-well microplate in just three hours, using as little as 12.5ul of serum or plasma.

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