More tools for diabetes biomarker research

More than 220 million people worldwide suffer from diabetes, a disorder that can lead to a series of complications and metabolic disorders arising from interactions among multiple proteins. The obese/diabetic mouse serves as an excellent model for the study of diabetes and its metabolic implications for drug discovery and targeted therapies. Bio-Rad Laboratories has developed a novel mouse 8-plex immunoassay to measure a selection of common metabolic biomarkers and a singleplex immunoassay for adiponectin. These metabolic biomarker immunoassays may be multiplexed with Bio-Plex Pro cytokine assays such as IL-6 and TNF alpha to extend the biomarker profile. The assays are based on Bio-Plex Pro magnetic COOH beads, which allow the implementation of automated wash steps using the Bio-Plex Pro wash station to improve efficiency and precision. The performance of these mouse metabolic biomarker assays was evaluated for specificity, sensitivity, precision, and accuracy. In addition, linearity of these biomarkers was demonstrated in mouse serum, plasma, and cell culture medium. Click on the technical note below to read more about the mouse diabetes multiplex metabolic biomarker assay and to learn how it can help you with your diabetes research.

Mouse Diabetes Multiplex Metabolic Biomarkers Assay

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