Are Scientists Over-Educated?

As American Biotechnologists, many of us have spent huge amounts of time in the educational system, often completing 4 to 7 years of post-graduate studies plus several years of post-doctoral training. While many of us love our jobs and wouldn’t trade what we do for all the money in the world, (OK…maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration), at times I do find myself wondering if it was all worthwhile. After all, while I was busy slaving away in the lab working towards a graduate degree, most of my friends were earning good money in business or computers and they seemed happy. Has my education made me a better person? Have I contributed more to the world?

In the soon to be released documentary Race to Nowhere, students talk about their lost childhood and the pressure they feel to succeed while experts are left questioning whether the educational system is broken and needs fixing. As one expert put it, “I am afraid that our children are going to sue us for stealing their childhoods.”

I believe that the American Biotechnologist readership is well qualified to voice their opinion on the matter. What are your thoughts on the current educational system? Are we under too much pressure to focus on our education while sacrificing on some of life’s other pleasures?

I’m so curious to hear your thoughts. Please do share!

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