Guess Who Else Will be Hurt by Sequestration?

Elliott Negin, Director of News and Commentary for the Union of Concerned Scientists, recently wrote an article in the Huffinton Post warning of the dire financial impact that the recent government shutdown and almost-year-long sequester will have on industry and the private sector.

On many occasions we have discussed how recent government actions are harming academic science in the United States, but we have never discussed what consequences it may have on industry. In general, when one thinks about government funding, university labs and research institutes come to mind. That certainly makes sense as thoughts of the NIH shuttering their doors for several weeks is still fresh in our minds. However, as Negin writes, research and discovery in academia and government laboratories are often the catalyst for industry and commercialization. Take away government research and you will definitely harm the downstream commercial environment.

As Negin writes:

The sequester, and inconsistent funding by a fickle Congress is taking its toll on the public scientific enterprise


What are your thoughts on this connection? Do you believe that poor government policy will have a significant impact on the commercial sector?

To read Negin’s commentary visit Don’t take federal science for granted.

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