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What You Don’t See Truly Matters

 :: Posted by American Biotechnologist on 11-13-2013

All gels are not created equal when it comes to protein transfer. Mini-PROTEAN® TGX™ precast gels, together with the Trans-Blot® Turbo™ transfer system, offer you a complete solution for achieving fast electrophoresis and transfer times. In addition to speed, these innovative gels deliver maximum transfer of proteins onto membranes so you don’t see proteins left behind on the gel, ensuring quality western blotting results you can count on every time.

For more information visit Bio-Rad Laboratories TGX™ precast gel page.

The Fastest Gel in the Lab

 :: Posted by American Biotechnologist on 08-08-2013

Bio-Rad Introduces Mini-PROTEAN® TGX Stain-Free™ Precast Gels in Gradient Format

 :: Posted by American Biotechnologist on 09-12-2012

Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc. today announced the launch of its Mini-PROTEAN TGX (Tris-glycine extended) Stain-Free precast gels in gradient formats 4–15% and 4–20%. Ideal for samples that contain a broad range of protein sizes, the new formats extend Bio-Rad’s line of mini- and midi-sized stain-free precast gels, providing researchers with the fastest separation and in-gel protein visualization capabilities available for Laemmli-based PAGE.

Typical polyacrylamide gel staining methods that follow Coomassie protocols can take four or more hours to complete. The Mini-PROTEAN TGX Stain-Free precast gels include a unique trihalo compound that allows rapid fluorescent detection of proteins in gels or on membranes without the need for staining. When researchers use the Mini-PROTEAN TGX Stain-Free precast gels as part of Bio-Rad’s V3 Western Workflow™, they can achieve complete protein separation, gel imaging, and data analysis in 20 minutes.

Other key benefits of Mini-PROTEAN TGX Stain-Free precast gels in gradient format include:

Greater transfer efficiency — proteins can be transferred onto PVDF or nitrocellulose membranes in as little as 3 minutes with the Trans-Blot® Turbo™ system

Versatility — the same gel can be used for western blotting, standard staining methods, and mass spectrometry analysis of proteins

Cost-effectiveness — unlike other precast gels that require specialized buffer systems and stains, the Mini-PROTEAN TGX Stain-Free precast gels use inexpensive standard Laemmli buffer and do not require staining and destaining, keeping running costs low

The Mini-PROTEAN TGX Stain-Free precast gels are available in a wide range of percentages: 7.5%, 10%, 12%, 4–15%, 4–20%, and Any kD™ (offers optimal resolution in the 10–100 kD range). Gels can be stored for up to 12 months without loss of performance.

For product details or to order Mini-PROTEAN TGX Stain-Free gels, visit

Loving their gels

 :: Posted by American Biotechnologist on 07-16-2012

Scientists from UCSD, UCD, The Salk Institute, and the University of Alabama share why they love their Mini-PROTEAN® TGX™ Gels. Tell us why you love yours!

Superior Electrophoresis with Bio-Rad’s Mini-PROTEAN TGX Gels

 :: Posted by American Biotechnologist on 06-29-2010

SDS-PAGE is a widely used tool for analyzing protein mixtures by electrophoresis. The Laemmli system is regarded as the gold standard for SDS-PAGE techniques due to its ability to resolve complex samples from a wide variety of sources with different buffer backgrounds.

Bio-Rad Laboratories new Mini-PROTEAN TGX (Tris-Glycine eXtended) precast gels are based on a novel modification of the Laemmli system, which significantly increases the gel matrix stability.

The Mini-PROTEAN TGX gels are currently available in a variety of concentrations and exhibits similar migration patterns to the gels you are currently using as indicated in the picture below.

One of the most unique gels in the Mini-PROTEAN TGX series is the Any kD gel which offers optimal resolution of proteins in the 20-100kD molecular weigh range and is ideal for 2-D PAGE.

For more details on the Mini-PROTEAN TGX system including details on:

  • easy-to-use cassette design
  • performance specs
  • sample compatibility
  • sample loading tolerance (great lane and band symmetry even when overloaded)
  • molecular weight estimation accuracy
  • compatibility with downstream applications
  • transfer efficiency

See the Mini-PROTEAN TGX Precast Gels Product Information Sheet