Simplifying Gene Knockdown Experiments

If you’ve ever done gene knockdown experiments, you know that the process can be complicated and involve many steps. siRNA design, cell culture, perfect cell confluency, transfection or electroporation, downstream analysis etc. Bio-Rad now has a plethora of instruments and reagents to help you simplify the process. In a recently published article in the Journal of Visualized Experiments, scientists demonstrated a pathway study that makes use of Bio-Rad’s many strengths in the area of cell culture and gene silencing including streamlining cell counting with the TC10 automated cell counter, electroporating multiple samples simultaneously using the MXCell electroporation system and simultaneously assessing RNA quality and quantity with the Experion automated electrophoresis system.

If you want to learn about more ways to simplify your siRNA experiments checkout:

McCoy, A., Litterst, C., Collins, M., & Ugozzoli, L. (2010). Using an Automated Cell Counter to Simplify Gene Expression Studies: siRNA Knockdown of IL-4 Dependent Gene Expression in Namalwa Cells Journal of Visualized Experiments (38) DOI: 10.3791/1904

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