Creating PhD Comics

Most graduate students are familiar with PhD Comics (for those of you who hate reading, there’s even a movie). It is the one comic strip that speaks to us. A medium that we can identify with. Who ever came up with such genious? What was he thinking?
Sarah Goodwin from USCF finds out.


2 Responses to “Creating PhD Comics”

  1. Ed Dunphy says:

    Jorge is amazing and funny and I’ve been following his PhD comic for years. Sorry to plug it, but if you like Piled Higher & Deeper, you might also enjoy my science humor webcomic, Lab Bratz ( Let me know what you think of it.



  2. American Biotechnologist says:

    Ed-Lab Bratz is great. I think we can all identify with the Journal for Negative Results! You are welcome to guest post here any time.

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