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It’s not just who you know…it’s what they’ve published

 :: Posted by avi_wener on 03-11-2010

With the proliferation of social networking sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, MySpace and Twitter it was only a matter of time until the who’s-who of scientific publication received a network of their own. As every good scientist knows, you are what you publish…and who you publish with…and who they publish with…!

Enter the BioMed Experts social network. After an easy registration process, the BioMed Experts tool will allow you to search for all of your scientific publications and create a network map of all your coauthors and their contacts. The network can be viewed through a meshed network view or a geographical network view. You can zoom in on anyone in your network and see who they’ve published with and who their contacts are. Beware, this is addictive and can be loads of fun. Who knows perhaps you share a connection with someone famous like Albert Einstein!

Here’s the network maps for Dr. AS Slutsky of the University of Toronto:

And here’s Dr. Slutsky’s geographical network:

Talk about global connections!