Rapid ligation the Benchfly way

I’ve spoken about one of my favorite blogs in the past and I will tell you about them once again (because they continue to provide their readers with great material). Benchfly is a fun resource for lab-rats everywhere. On the site you will find both fun and instructional videos, interesting articles and tons of useful resources.

Several months ago we shared with you a video posted on Benchfly which demonstrated the difficulties we face in pronouncing foreign scientific terms. (See “the things we say” to view that post). The same group recently uploaded a protocol video describing how to save time and money when when cloning by making your own rapid ligation kit. If you are doing any cloning in your lab, I highly recommend watching the video below.

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  1. Alan says:

    Thanks for kind words about BenchFly! As you say, this video is a classic for anyone who does cloning. Unless, of course, you do that cloning in a lab with solid gold benchtops and money raining from the ceiling. In that case, skip this video…

    Alan (from BenchFly)

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