Want to be depressed? Check out the scientist salary survey!

GenomeTechnology has just put out it’s 9th annual salary survey (free subscription required) and the findings are quite depressing! Overall, salaries have not changed in the last 5 years (but I don’t need to tell you that, do I?) with postdocs and lab technicians (in academia) earning around $40,000 and PIs in the $110,000 range.

Geographically speaking, you are best off:

  • as a VP/Director in the Southwest United States
  • as a PI in the tri-state area, Rockville/DC/Virginia, Silicon Valley, LA or the Reasearch Triangle Park
  • as a senior scientist in the Northeast
  • as a plain Jane researcher anywhere but the Western United States

Looking at this information it is a wonder how anyone is able to get a complete team together of researchers, senior scientists, professors and PIs together in one place!

In terms of experience, if you are a lab manager, assistant prof or female PI, you’re pretty much gonna earn the same amount of money the rest of your life. So get used to it! Survey says that remunertion is not related to experience in these areas!

The survey is chalk full of goodies so sit back and relax with a coffee while browsing. Just be careful not to spit any of it out or you might ruin your computer!

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