Bio-Rad Tutorial: Validating a SYBR Green I Assay

In this latest tutorial by the Bio-Rad Technical Support Team you will learn how to validate a SYBR Green I assay for real-time quantitative PCR (qPCR). It is important to validate all qPCR assays prior to commencing your experiment in order to confirm that your reactions will be efficient, specific, sensitive and reproducible. SYBR Green I assay validation should also be done when using a new set of primers or a new DNA template/primer combination regardless of the chemistry that you intend to use in your actual experiment.

Hats off to Linda Lingelbach and Kathy Silvey of Bio-Rad Technical Support who worked hard at putting this enlightening video together.

Prior to watching this tutorial, it is recommended that you watch the qPCR-Hallmarks of an optimized SYBR Green I assay first.

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