Think you know everything about electrophoresis-I bet not

Yes, electrophoresis is a staple in every lab. It is a boring yet tried and tested technique. Cast a gel (or better yet-buy precast), stick it in a tank, turn on the power supply and watch the bands migrate. Take it out and look at the nice bands (or not so nice as we’ve seen recently). But, did you know that there’s another type of electrophoretic technique that’s been around for decades?

Conventional electrophoresis can effectively separate fragments up to 20 kb; DNA fragments larger than 20 kb in a sample comigrate and when imaged appear as a large fuzzy band at the top of the gel. In 1984, Schwartz and Cantor invented Pulsed Field Gel Electrophoresis (PFGE) to overcome this problem.

Have a look at Bio-Rad’s PFGE brochure to learn more.

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