The Versatility of High-Resolution Melt Analysis

High-Resolution Melting Analysis (HRMA) is rapidly becoming a very attractive tool to not only to screen patients for pathogenic variants but also for presequence screening, single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) typing, methylation analysis, quantification (copy number variants), an alternative to gel-electrophoresis and clone characterization. The ease of use, simplicity, flexibility, low cost, nondestructive nature, superb sensitivity, and specificity of HRMA has brought the technique to the forefront of life science research.

I did some literature searching and have attached a recent review that covers the topic very well. The article was written prior to Bio-Rad’s launch of our own HRMA software module integrated into the CFX96 and CFX384 instruments so I have also attached a flyer on the topic which will show you the accessibility to HRMA through these instruments, associated software and SsoFast EvaGreen Supermix.

High Resolution Melt Analysis – Review Article 2009

Precision Melt Analysis Software Bulletin_5798A

Sean Taylor, pHD
Field Applications Specialist
Bio-Rad Laboratories

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