Tens of Thousands of Lab Animals Perish in Hurricane Sandy

Several tens of thousands of lab mice died during this passed winter’s devastating storm. While the human death toll of Hurricane Sandy was thankfully small, laboratory animals in the NYU Langone Medical Center were trapped by the water that flooded the hospital’s basement and large stocks of genetically engineered animals were lost.

According to a story in ALN Magazine, as many as 600 mice were lost by one individual researcher and it will take over a year to recover from the devastating loss.

But can there ever be a real recovery? Imagine being a 4th year PhD student looking forward to finishing up the final touches on his project before defending in the summer. What about the foreign post-doc who left her home and family to travel to New York for a year to do critical research that was going to help her secure an academic position in a university back home.

This is true devastation. The sweat and tears that go into everything scientists do. The late nights and weekends lost in the lab running experiences and taking care of precious animals. All for naught. All is lost.

My thoughts go out to those scientists that were truly affected by Hurrican Sandy.

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