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Is the American Government Killing Science?

 :: Posted by American Biotechnologist on 10-15-2013

As the government shutdown enters its third week and the 2013 sequestration looms large, many are wondering just how much pain the US government can cause to American scientists. How deep does the political system reach into academic scientists’ pockets? Is the deadly sequester killing current research? Moreover, what effect are these budget cuts having on the scientific aspirations of budding young scientists?

According to a video that appeared in yesterday’s Huffington Post m four out of the five Nobel Prize winning scientist currently working for the government have been furloughed and many experiments have been destroyed due to the 2 week gap in their research projects (think dead cells). More importantly, the Huff Post quotes a source as saying that

we are going to lose a whole new generation of young scientists since many will turn away from science

In a well written blog post from a master’s student in the trenches, Kevin Boehnke attempts to answer the question how hard has the sequester and government shutdown affected both faculty and students. In an (unscientific) poll, Kevin reveals that most of those asked believe that the current government actions will have a small to moderate impact on their research. According to the article, the cutbacks will affect junior faculty more than tenured staff and doctoral students are becoming more sensitive to the political risks involved in pursuing a scientific career.

So what’s the solution? Boehnke suggests that more scientists need to run for political office.

What are your thoughts?

Rant Baby Rant

 :: Posted by American Biotechnologist on 04-30-2013

Over the last several weeks we have written a number of posts about the 2013 budget sequestration. The sequester is expected to cut billions of dollars from American science funding and will set research back by at least two years if not more. While many of us wish to scream from the rooftops, we may have difficulty finding a forum where we can express ourselves appropriately.

As such, I invite you, our dear readers, to use the comment section below to let the rest of the scientific world know exactly how you feel about the sequester. How do you think it will impact your research? What can we do to help ourselves? What would you like to say to your government?

All posts are moderated, however, barring any offensive comments, we will liberally post your comments giving you public space for your thoughts. Please share and let the world know what you think!