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Locked in the Lab

 :: Posted by American Biotechnologist on 08-16-2010

Sometimes we all feel like we’re chained to the lab. Late nights tending to experiments, weekends eaten up by needy lab rats. However, what really chains us to the lab is our burning desire for results. But what if we were actually locked in the lab?

Here’s a story from everyday biology about a project where the scientists are actually locked away in prison. Evergreen State College’s Sustainable Prisons Project educates prisoners on sustainable environmental practices and helps offenders conduct scientific projects. According to their mission statement: The Sustainable Prisons Project aims “to reduce the environmental, economic and human costs of prisons by training offenders and correctional staff in sustainable practices. Equally important, [the program] brings science into prisons by helping scientists conduct ecological research and conserve biodiversity through projects with offenders, college students and community partners.”

See the video below for a short overview on the project and be sure to checkout the everyday biology blog to read more on this story. Everyday Biology run by Peggy is a new blog that has recently been syndicated to Scientopia and it looks like it is off to a great start. Keep up the interesting work Peggy!