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Bio-Rad Launches New Image Acquisition and Analysis Software

 :: Posted by American Biotechnologist on 02-10-2010

lab imaging software2
It is my great pleasure to introduce our brand new imaging software solution for acquiring images with the GelDoc XR+, and the ChemiDoc XRS+. More importantly, the software has a fully integrated data analysis module which is easier and in many ways more powerful than Quantity One. The software will analyze Quantity One files produced with the VersaDoc, GelDoc and ChemiDoc with the exception of the very old instruments. The final advantage of the software is that it is open licence with no USB key required as is the case with Quantity One. Since seeing really is believing, I opted to produce a couple of short software video demos for you to preview. The “Acquisition” video is about 8 minutes and shows how easy it is to use the software to acquire images and the “Analysis” video is about 17 minutes and walks you through the analysis of a gel or blot. With both videos, you can fast forward to sections of interest especially if you get tired of hearing my narrative voice! You will need an updated version of JAVA to run the videos but this is free anyway!

Sean Taylor
Field Application Specialist