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Major in Biology if You Want to Earn Big Bucks!

 :: Posted by American Biotechnologist on 04-30-2014

Did you ever wonder which would be the best subject to major in if you want to be a top wage earner? Well, if you are reading this blog, chances are that you already major in biology and if that is the case, you are in luck. According to a recent study, biology majors make up the top 7% of households who live in the top 1% of income earning households.

Now that sounds promising!

What to do if your Scientific Aspirations Don’t Work Out

 :: Posted by American Biotechnologist on 02-25-2014

The scientific world has experienced rough financial times lately. Tenure track careers are harder to come by and a career as a bench scientist seems less attractive than what it once was. You’ve worked hard to become a scientist, but what if it doesn’t work out? Do you have a “Plan B?”

You’re Brighter Than a Fluorophore

 :: Posted by American Biotechnologist on 02-19-2014

Academic Research Explained

 :: Posted by American Biotechnologist on 02-05-2014

The next time someone asks you where you work, send them to this video.

Yes…there is a “part 2″

Why is a PhD So Hard?

 :: Posted by American Biotechnologist on 01-15-2014

So you’ve reached the top of the academic ladder and decided to do a PhD. You’ve performed at the top of your class for as long as you can remember. School has been a breeze. You are ready for the challenge.

So why are you finding the PhD program so darn difficult?

According to James Hayton from The Three Month Thesis, you are likely finding the PhD difficult because you are looking at it the wrong way.