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The DNA Vending Machine

 :: Posted by American Biotechnologist on 03-10-2014

This is one of the strangest convergences of science and art that I have ever witnessed. Now for the big question: Would you ever purchase someone else’s DNA for the sake of art?

A Nice Gift Idea for Your Favorite Molecular Biologist

 :: Posted by American Biotechnologist on 06-24-2010

My birthday is coming up and I have already told my family that I have everything a person could ask for and that I don’t need any gifts. But…in case they read my blog posts, here’s something that I would really enjoy having in my back-yard.

Jay Jackson is the CEO of the design firm British Conservatories in Reading PA and has created beautiful double helix fountains that can truly be appreciated by any respectable molecular biologist.

Below is a sample of his work, but it’s definitely worth checking out DNA Fountain’s Photostream on flicker.