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DRI Scientist Discusses Reducing Inflammatory Response to Transplant in Diabetics

 :: Posted by American Biotechnologist on 06-08-2010

Islet cell transplantation is one of the most promising treatments for type 1 and severe type 2 diabetes. Unfortunately, as with many transplantation techniques, the body’s autoimmune response is a major stumbling block to successful graft survival. Furthermore, unlike in other transplantation situations (kidney transplants for example), no biomarkers currently exist that can help predict the onset of islet cell graft rejection.

Dr. Norma Sue Kenyon from the Diabetes Research Institute (DRI) is an expert in work in the area of transplant immunology and her research focuses on anti-rejection techniques and stem cell therapy. In this podcast she discusses the challenges facing the islet cell transplant community.

Diabetes Research Institute Podcast

Visit the DRI website for the full written transcript of this interview.