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Quality controlling 2D gel data and why you should do it

 :: Posted by American Biotechnologist on 05-31-2010

Be sure to check out the upcoming webinar on Wednesday June 9th from our friends at Ludesi.

Learn how to use the free Gel IQ tool to measure the correctness of your image analysis output.

* Introducing you to Combined Correctness: a generic metric for calculating a quality score
* Using the free software tool “Gel IQ” to calculate a quality score on your 2D gel image analysis data
* How to import your analysis project into Gel IQ
* Applying the correct evaluation settings
* Evaluating spot detection and matching correctness
* Interpreting your Combined Correctness score
* Using Gel IQ to quality control and optimize your 2D gel analysis protocols

Wednesday, June 9, 2010
12 PM EDT / 9 AM PDT (US) / 6 PM CET (Europe)
Click here to register for the Wednesday time slot