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Blog Profile: The Node-a community site for developmental biologists

 :: Posted by American Biotechnologist on 06-23-2010

If you are a developmental biologist you must check out The Node which is a community site for and by developmental biologists that was launched by the research journal Development in April of this year. What’s truly unique about the Node is that it allows registered users to add their own posts to the front page making this a truly interactive social network for the developmental biology community.

One of my favorite posts so far on this site is by Shelly a graduate teaching assistant for a first year biomedical sciences course at Auckland University in New Zealand. She has a fantastic lesson plan for teaching embryology using different colored modeling clay.

Here’s what the final model looks like but you should definitely check out teaching embryology to undergraduates to learn how to get from a neural tube to a four week old embryo using one fantastic lesson plan.