Advancing qPCR Bio-Rad Style

Bio-Rad Laboratories has just launched a brand new qPCR supermix which has significant advantages over other technologies on the market. The SsoAdvanced SYBR Green Supermix is based on Bio-Rad’s patented Sso7d fusion protein technology. The dsDNA binding protein, Sso7d, stabilizes the polymerase-template complex, providing superior inhibitor tolerance, increased processibity and greater speed.

With Sso Advanced SYBR Green Supermx you can expect to:

  • Acheive superior gene expression results under various cycling conditions
  • Increase sensitivity and efficiency of detection from compromised samples
  • Decrease run times and time to results without compromising on qPCR data quality
  • Obtain better results with predeveloped qPCR assays

For more information and experimental data download the SsoAdvanced SYBR Green supermix product sheet.

To learn more about Bio-Rad’s qPCR solutions visit

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