Fourth of Seven Deadly Sins Explained by Genetics

Sloth is the forth of the seven deadly sins in Christian moral tradition. It is said that sloth, or laziness, is the root of the desire to sin and opens the doors for Satan. Now, researchers at the University of Missouri have identified 36 genes associated with laziness, inidcating that lazy individuals may be genetically predisposed to their slothful condition.

Using selective breeding methodology, Dr. Frank Booth and his team bred rats that exhibited extreme laziness which was defined by the rat’s desire to run a wheel over a six day period. The rats were then interbred for several generations, and their athletic motivation was compared to that of interbred super runner rats. The team also performed genetic analysis of the two rat cohorts using RNA deep sequencing technology. Out of more than 17,000 different genes in one part of the brain, the researchers identified 36 genes that may play a role in predisposition to physical activity motivation.

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