Attention Seminar Presenters: Foolproof Answers for the Toughest of Questions

Did you know that anxiety disorders constitute the most prevalent mental health problem around the globe, afflicting millions of people (1)? As we begin the second last day of the ASM General Meeting, I ran across a flow chart on the now defunct blog evolgen which I think will be very useful for new (and perhaps even experienced) presenters. Fielding questions from the audience is often the most daunting part of any presentation. There may be some strong intellectuals in the audience and perhaps even an expert in your field. You finish your presentation and the floor is open to questions. He steps up to the mike and throws out a curveball that you haven’t prepared for. What should you do? Don’t worry. All the answers are here.

Dowbiggin IR (2009). High anxieties: the social construction of anxiety disorders. Canadian journal of psychiatry. Revue canadienne de psychiatrie, 54 (7), 429-36 PMID: 19660164

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