Vote Yes for Science Fair Funding

Recently, the New York Times reported that financing for local science fairs is down significantly and that many events are in jeopardy of being canceled. These events include Mastodon Art and Science Regional Fair, the Illinois Science Olympiad, and The Academy of Science — St. Louis Science Fair,

According to the NYT:

Securing financing for these competitions and for the time-honored local science fair has become increasingly difficult because of the poor economy, organizers say. Sponsors have dropped out of local science fairs, while some schools are scaling back extracurricular activities, including science programs, because of state budget cuts.

We at the American Biotechnologist feel that science fairs are an important part of science education and that they are useful in shaping the goals and aspirations of student interested in science. Please help us increase the public’s awareness of the poor state of science fair funding by voting yes for more funding for science fairs and education. If you’re really keen to help, please leave a comment with your institution and city showing your support.

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