Research Supplies at Your Fingertips

There is nothing more annoying than getting all prepared to do an experiment only to discover that your fellow lab-mate has just used up the last vial of (insert whatever you need most here). Most of us live for data first and experiments second. Inventory management rarely falls on anybody’s favourite “to do” list. Now what? Well, in the days of yore, we would have had to fill out a purchase requisition, call up our local lab supplier and hope that the needed item could be delivered before our samples were destroyed (good luck for anyone working with RNA!). In more modern times, if the local store was open, we could pay them a visit and hope that they had the product in stock. But what if the store was closed? What if we weren’t in the mood to talk to ANYONE? (We’ve ALL had days like that!) Wouldn’t it be great if we could just go to a well stocked vending machine and purchase our products like we do a bag of chips and candy bars? Well…now you can!

Bio-Rad Laboratories is proud to announce that their on-site automated supply centre (a.k.a vending machine) is now coming to a research facility near you!

The supply centre offers:

  • 24/7 on-site access to essential reagents and consumables when you need them
  • Customized cabinet configurations: -4º, -20º and room temperature
  • Customized product offerings and stocking options
  • Automated product replenishment

And, best of all…you don’t have to talk to anybody to purchase your product!

Check it out:

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