Scientifically rejecting Republicans

In the past I have admitted to being a bit “green” when it comes to understanding politics (see scientifically boggled by politics) and happy that the Obama administration instituted a government policy restricting government interference with scientific processes (see How does Obama‚Äôs science integrity memo affect your life?). In my mind, if someone leaves me well enough alone while providing adequate funding for me to achieve my research objectives, I am very happy.

Recently, another study was released claiming that only 6% of scientists are Republican. The study has been analyzed by Daniel Sarewitz at Slate and further reviewed by the people at Good Politics. The bottom line is that Slate seems to imply that scientists have been brainwashed into rejecting the republicans and Good Politics is of the opinion that Republicans, being more conservative, are less receptive to change and therefore less congruent with the scientific practice of taking calculated risks and asking intellectually challenging questions.

Very interesting indeed! What are your thoughts?

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