Real-Time Quantitative PCR Data Analysis Tutorial

Bio-Rad Laboratories has put together a great tutorial on QPCR analysis including a thorough review of what the graphs mean and an overview of Absolute and Relative methods of quantification. The tutorial also includes a great explanation of the differences between Livak, delta CT and the Pfaffl methods of analyzing your results.

Watch part II: normalization against a reference gene

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3 Responses to “Real-Time Quantitative PCR Data Analysis Tutorial”

  1. The following tutotrial was of great help specially in understanding te real time PCR quantification. After that the two types of quantification ie the relative and the absolute quantification explained in the tutorail is very good specialy to understand the basics. The mathematical calculations expailned about the relative quantification was also explained well to clear the doubts and have a sound knowledge on the Real time PCR quantification.

  2. Lakshmi says:

    Gives a very good understanding of the basics of qRT-PCR. Especially the details about selection of reference gene and when to use absolute or relative quantitation methods were of great help. This tutorial is a must for people doing qRT-PCR for the first time.

  3. A good resource of information. It gives you an overview of the basics qRT-PCR

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