From proteins to biosystems

There have been so many incredible tools added to NCBI over the last several years (Reactome, BioSystems, Pathway interaction database) that it can be overwhelming to try and keep up with the latest and greatest NCBI technology.

Less than a year ago, NCBI released FLink (frequency weighted links) which is a tool that enables users to traverse from a group of records in a source database to a ranked list of associated records in a destination database. I found FLink useful for cross-referencing my favorite gene (ETAR) against the BioSystems in which it appears. FLink’s is extremely easy to navigate and in combination with NCBI BioSystems helps to simplify complex processes.

Although FLink is pretty easy to use and self-explanatory, the OpenHelix blog has posted a video tutorial of FLink on SciVee which is a good place to start for anybody wishing to learn more about the tool before actually diving in.

How often have you used FLink? What is your favorite NCBI tool and how are you using it in your research?

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