Pathway Curation and Real-Time PCR Panel Design Strategy

Pathway analysis provides an efficient and focused approach for studying a large number of related gene targets in a single experiment. The pathway curation and ranking strategy employed by Thomson Reuters and Bio-Rad ensures that the gene assays present on each real-time PCR pathway and collection panel are the most relevant for gene expression profiling based on differential expression studies and the frequency with which gene targets appear in the peer-reviewed literature. All PrimePCR assays were designed following strict guidelines on maximum transcript coverage, have minimal overlap with known single nucleotide polymorphisms, and span large introns where possible. In addition, they have all been fully validated in the lab, passing stringent quality controls. As a result, PrimePCR panels set a new quality standard for commercially available predesigned qPCR pathway panels.

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Apoptosis and survival — TNF-R1 signaling pathway map. This pathway map is one example of the 260 canonical pathway maps provided by Thomson Reuters. Pathway maps illustrate protein interactions and regulation to provide a comprehensive picture of signaling and disease processes. On the Bio-Rad website, each target on the map can be selected to view corresponding gene and protein information.

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