Biological Bullets for Wayward Cells

Transfecting cells can be a difficult task for even the most seasoned of cell biologists. Sure there are easy-to-transfect cell lines such as A10 Smooth Muscle Cells, COS Cells or p19 cells, but what about those pesky, hard to isolate primary cells? Or better yet, what about cells embedded in living tissue on animals or plants?! Sometime the task at hand drives you so crazy that you just want to shoot something.

Turns out that might not be such a bad idea after all. Bio-Rad’s Helios Gene Gun is a common tool for biolistic transfection of cells embeded in animal or plant tissue. The video posted below was published in the Journal of Visualized Experimentation and it will give you a great visual demonstration of the Gene Gun at work.

Woods, G., & Zito, K. (2008). Preparation of Gene Gun Bullets and Biolistic Transfection of Neurons in Slice Culture Journal of Visualized Experiments (12) DOI: 10.3791/675

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