New tool for sharing & organizing your lab’s protocols, materials and data

Ever get that feeling that things in the lab are disorganized and that as soon as you leave the lab, all your hard work will leave with you? You’re not alone. The founders of BioData were also confounded by their lab experience and came up with a laboratory management tool for maintaining organization, collaboration and continuity in the lab. BioKM™ is an internet application designed to meet the everyday needs of researchers in an academic lab environment. Data is stored on a secured server, and the system can be accessed anywhere and at any time. BioKM™ allows for easier management and documentation,as well as sharing information and improving communication between members of the lab. BioKM™also simplifies keeping track of the research being conducted in the lab. Instead of wasting valuable time with tedious management procedures, BioKM™ makes your lab more efficient, resulting in more time to focus on your research.

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Organizing your lab


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