NCBI Blast Using an iPhone and RFID Technology

The iPhone has a ton of great apps for the high-tech, molecular biologist. Here’s a clip I found on youtube demonstrating how to couple the iPhone with RFID technology. The user downloaded a nucleotide sequence from an RFID tagged tree and pasted it into NCBI BLAST. The BLAST result appeared on the screen of the iPhone. Unfortunately, the iPhone does not have an RFID reader incorporated in the unit so the user had to use an intermediate device (in this case a Nokia 6131 cell phone) to get the sequence from the tag to the iPhone. Fortunately, since this clip was posted last summer, new technology has become available that allows iPhone users to turn their device into an RFID reader as well.

We’re on the lookout for more iphone apps for the molecular biologist. Which useful apps have you come across?

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