Bleak outlook for America’s future scientists

The Nation’s Report Card in science (for 2009) was released by the National Center for Educational Statistics earlier this week. The report found that 34 percent of fourth-graders, 30 percent of eighth-graders, and 21 percent of twelfth-graders performed at or above the Proficient level, meaning that a large majority of students performed below the Proficient level.

The report covers all 50 states and is broken down by race/ethnicity, gender, grade and school location.

Alan Friedman, former director of the New York Hall of Science, and a member of the board that oversees the test told ABC News

“Our ability to create the next generation of U.S. leaders in science and technology is seriously in danger.”

The tests measured 156,500 fourth-graders, 151,100 eighth-graders, and a national sample of 11,100 twelfth-graders.

As active members of the research community and role models for our nation’s future scientists how do you feel about these results? What steps can be taken to improve future results?

President Obama’s solution is to hire an additional 10,000 science and math teachers. Checkout the video below from ABC News

To view the complete report card click here.


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  1. Michele says:

    Well, we might think about cutting the red tape and hoops for getting scientists into the public school classrooms. I once inquired about a career switch (after I had my PhD) to see what it would take to teach in a public high school and I was told by the local college that I was over qualified and shouldn’t even consider it.

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