Chocolate is the perfect gift for your molecular biologist mother

Chocolates are probably one of the most common gift ideas on Mother’s Day. While it is great to give a unique gift, one will never go wrong with chocolate.

In addition to its great taste, chocolate has been lauded by the “experts” as having fantastic health benefits.

In honor of Mother’s Day, here’s a great post from The Scientist which I thought would be interesting for all chocolate lovers. Andy McShea is the COO of the Theo Chocolate factory and a former molecular biologist at Harvard University. His research focuses on understanding the characteristics of perfect chocolate at the molecular level and his motto is “better science through chocolate”.

According to The Scientist, McShea had no prior chocolate experience before joining Theo and it was his credentials in assay development that got him the job. I’m a molecular biologist with lots of chocolate (eating) experience….where do I apply?

Check out the Dr. Chocolate for some yummy reading.

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