Majority of voters believe federal government should support the biotechnology industry

A new national survey of 800 American voters by the Biotechnology Industry Organization – and conducted by the bipartisan pairing of Public Opinion Strategies and Hart Research Associates – has found that during the current economic slowdown, while the nation’s leaders are making hard choices about our national economic policies, a majority (53%) of voters believe the federal government should support the biotechnology industry through either tax policies or direct funding.

“These numbers are a testament to the life-saving scientific research being conducted by biotechnology industry. Every day biotech researchers are working to cure deadly diseases, find cleaner alternative fuels, protect us against the threats of bioterrorism and feed a hungry world. It is reassuring to know that our hard work lines up shoulder-to-shoulder with the priorities of the American people,” said Jim Greenwood, CEO of the Biotechnology Industry Organization.

The survey, conducted between June 5 and 7, found that American voters embrace a continued federal commitment to biotechnology priorities such as research dedicated to finding alternative sources of energy, life-saving medicines and cures. In fact, the survey found that the key biotechnology industry issues are ranked by voters as either “extremely” or “very” important – behind only the economy, education, reducing the deficit/government spending – and alongside of issues such as combating terrorism and reducing taxes.

Over three-quarters of voters (76%) are supportive of a continued commitment to federal spending on biotech research after hearing that the industry is working to cure diseases such as Alzheimer’s, cancer, diabetes and Parkinson’s – and that these cures will eventually help patients, cut federal spending and save the American budget trillions of dollars.

Greenwood concluded, “These numbers reflect American faith in the promise of biotechnology. Each day, the men and women of the biotech industry are focused on developing the key breakthroughs that will allow Americans to not only live longer, but to lead better, healthier and more productive lives.”

Click here to download a copy of the survey results.

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