Increase the amount of data from your RNA samples

Some of the technical challenges in qPCR research can be traced back to the reverse transcription step and the synthesis of cDNA for qPCR analysis.

Limitations in the maximum amount of template RNA that can be added to an RT reaction make it tougher to detect low-abundant target genes and limits the amount of data that can be obtained from a typical 20ul RT reaction.

Bio-Rad Laboratories has recently launched the iScript advanced cDNA sythesis kit for RT-qPCR as an answer to some of these challenges.

iScript advanced is a 2-tube format cDNA synthesis kit with a short protocol (35 minutes) and an allowed RNA input amount of up to 7.5ug.
The kit will:

  • increase the amount of data that can be obtained from an RT reaction (great for high-throughput labs)
  • enable you to analyze a larger number of target genes from a single sample
  • increase the sensitivity for certain target genes due to higher RNA input capacity
  • cover a broad dyamic range and sensitivity

For more information on iScript Advanced including experimental data download the iScript Advanced product bulletin.

To read more about Bio-Rad’s qPCR solutions visit

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