You can do WHAT with an inkjet printer?!?

In a previous post we told you how how Dr. Anthony Atala’s lab at Wake Forest Institute uses a “printer” to print organs such as kidneys from cultured cells. Although the machine shown in that post “prints” cells into organs, the apparatus itself is far from a traditional printer.

However, Dr. Atala’s lab DOES have an actual inket printer which they have modified to print skin cells onto a 3-D scaffold which is currently being used by the US armed forces to treat severe burn victims.

When my friends saw this video they thought it was science fiction. However, as a molecular and cell biologist, I can actually appreciate the video and it is totally out of the realm of science fiction for me.

However, the 3-D printer shown below is unbelievably awesome! Isn’t it funny how our perspective changes depending on where we’ve come from!

or how about this?!?

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