Fondly remembering the lab of the 90s

You know you’re getting older when you can wax nostalgic about the following scientific expereiences of the 1990’s molecular biology lag:

  • Had to order degenerate primers to do cloning due to lack of gene sequence
  • PCR was done by hand
  • Proteins were purified by serial fractionation
  • Hand poured sequencing gels
  • Scientific articles were only available at the library (what’s that?!?)
  • No way to visualize localized protein
  • Collected serum by hand to purify antibodies
  • Cloned plasmids using restriction maps
  • Data was limited to the size of a 1.4 MB floppy disk! (Imagine trying to fit a 1.5 GB human genome on that!)
  • tenure track jobs were easy to come by

The list was taken from the video shown below. Can you think of other 1990 lab challenges?


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