Help show everyone what scientists really look like

I recently came across a great website that is out to “change the perception of who and what a scientist is or isn’t.” This is What a Scientist Looks Like is collecting pictures of scientists in action and what they have posted will be sure to delight you. Many in the general public tend to think of scientists as labcoat wearing nerds who work in a stuff lab messing around with test-tubes and funny colored liquids. On the contrary, “this is what a scientist looks like” has posted pictures of scuba divers, scientists hanging out in nature, scientists with their kids and even a few “normal” looking scientists. I believe that this is a great endevour and I encourage all of you to visit the website and submit a picture that will help improve our collective image!

After all, we can’t just leave it to the Muppets to show the public who we really are!

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