Facebook Fans Finance Cancer Research

The Kanzius Cancer Research Foundation (KCRF), which raises funds primarily through grass-roots fundraising, has recently added Facebook to its arsenal in the war against cancer.

According to All Facebook, an anonymous donor has agreed to contribute $1 to the Foundation for every new KCRF Facebook Fan. The company has already garnered 10,000 fans and needs 240,000 more fans to hit its goal of raising $250,000.

Kanzius non-invasive radio-wave cancer treatment is based on the delivery of antibody coated gold nanoparticles to tumor cells which are “cooked” by a dose of radio waves, thereby selectively killing tumor cells while leaving healthy tissue intact.

A basic “laymans” description of the treatment was featured in this Wired article a few years ago.

Research on the Kanzius treatment is currently being conducted by Dr. Stephen Curley at the Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas and Dr. David Geller at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

To become a Facebook fan of KCRF visit the KCRF Facebook page.

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