How to Enrich Serum Proteins for BioMarker Discovery

Plasma and Serum are often used in biomarker discovery studies because they are easy to obtain from patients and are readily available. The biggest challenge with using these sources in biomarker studies is the HUGE overexpression of approximately 20 predominant proteins such as heat shock proteins and albumin (to name a few) which represent about 99% of the total protein mass. Since most analytical technologies are incapable of resolving expression levels over more than 5 orders of magnitude, proteins with low expression levels (which are most likely to be viable candidates for biomarker studies since differences in their expression levels between normal and diseased states are more easily resolved) are often masked and difficult to detect.

Unfortunately, many of the technologies available which aid in biomarker discovery rely on the depletion of high abundance proteins which often ends up depleting low abundant proteins as well thereby “throwing out the baby with the bathwater.”

Bio-Rad has recently launched a new and innovative method for resolving differences in low abundant proteins using a unique quantitative enrichment technology.

In the article “Quantitation of Serum and Plasma Proteins After Enrichment of Low-Abundance Proteins With the ProteoMiner Protein Enrichment System” you will discover how Proteominer is the ideal technology for anyone using serum or plasma for biomarker discovery.

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