Decorate your tree with the perfect scientific gift!

Every December I find myself spending countless hours scouring the internet for interesting gifts for my fellow scientific friends. This year I came across a very unique gift which can only be appreciated by real scientific geeks-Heros of Science Christmas tree ornaments by Eavesmade.

I was so taken by this idea that I invited Eavesmade’s owner, Sharon, to write a guest post about herself and how she became interested in science heroes. Here’s her story:

Eavesmade is a collaboration between me and my boyfriend, Jon. I am the science-and-design side of things, and Jon is the prototype-and-design side.

I now work as a freelance filmmaker-animator, but before that I worked in botany and forest ecology. My mom is a really smart lady and an M.D., and growing up, I never doubted that I could be a scientist if I chose to be. I guess the Women of Science are an homage to my awesome mom, and to the female scientists who paved the way for the rest of us.

I went to grad school for documentary journalism because I wanted to engage others about science and social justice. Since then, I’ve interned at the science show ‘Radiolab,’ and have created some quirky and interesting short videos, the most recent being ‘Whale Fall:’. I’m now working on a new film about growing up in an LGBT household with my production partner, and we also take video and animation clients (some science, some commercial gigs). Our website:

Jon’s background is fine art, and he worked for many years drafting and helping to construct stage sets for TV, film and musicals, but he’s recently gone back to school to learn robotic-oriented programming, a much better use of his natural skill set–he’s an inventor to the core.

Jon and I live in Brooklyn, New York, and we operate the laser in our living room.

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