Crazy Lab Stories

Yesterday, an article was posted in BioTechniques about a former University of Michigan postdoc that was banned from federally funded research for sabotaging experiments. Essetially, the postdoc was caught on camera adding ethanol to his lab-mates cell culture plate! That’s what I call a bad work environment.

The story got me thinking about my time in the lab and some of the crazy things I had to put up with at work. Although we didn’t have any cases of sabotage, there were two affairs, a PI caught napping in his office during lab hours, a PhD student who was entering his tenth year and even a murder of our lab mate’s boyfriend.

Most of us spend countless hours in the lab including late nights and weekends. Of course, due to the nature of scientific research, many of those hours are spent waiting for things to happen such as western blot washes to finish or PCR reactions to complete. It is during that idle time that most of the great stories happen!

Please share your craziest lab experience with the American Biotechnologist readership and we will have a vote to see who will be crowned King or Queen of the Lab Crazies!


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