Need a new blotter? Read this unbiased review first.

Needless to say, unbiased reviews of products on corporate websites are often hard to come by. However, if you are in the market for new equipment, Biocompare has a wide selection of unbiased reviews on numerous products that are worth reading before you purchase.

Recently, a scientists at the Cancer Center in the Sanford/Burnham Medical Research Instituted, wrote a review of Bio-Rad Laboratories Trans-blot Turbo System. In his 7 point review, Dr. Dayong Zai provided some useful tips such as the importance of getting rid of all the bubbles prior to transfer and cleaning the system thoroughly once the transfer has finished. The review gave teh Trans-blot Turbo thumbs up for its ease of use, fast transfer times and reproducible results and a thumbs down for the bad smell produced once the transfer has completed.

To read the full review visit the Trans-blot Turbo System from Bio-Rad on the Biocompare website.

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