Bio-Rad Laboratories Launches New Online Savings Program

Hercules, CA — September 2010 — Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc has started a new Web Specials program in the Life Science Research group that will offer discounts on selected protein research products for online purchase, in the US, each month. The Web Specials can be accessed by going to the Bio-Rad Laboratories promotion web page.

The web specials provide a benefit to online customers by offering selected protein research products at a discounted price each month. These will be focused on products that are used in labs every day. Buying protein research products online is quickly becoming the preferred method for many labs, so the web specials reward these online buyers with a discount on products that are used so frequently.

The special for September is a 20% discount off any of the Protein Assay kits. These assays are a staple to practically any lab that works with proteins, and provide simple and accurate protein concentration. The web special includes:
• Bio-Rad Protein Assay (including the dye reagent)
– the Bradford assay used in labs around the world
• Quick Start Bradford Assay
– ready to use with pre-diluted assay standards
• DC Protein Assay
– used for detergent solubilized samples
• RC DC Protein Assay
– compatible with reducing agents and detergents

Visit the Web Specials each month by going to the Bio-Rad promotions web page.

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